"I've been fortunate to shoot with a lot of amazing photographers and I can honestly say Ava Dae Photography is among the best I've worked with! Her technical skills in shooting and editing are top notch and she's an all around really nice person. She made me feel super comfortable and that helped me to take some fabulous photos, that I just love! Book a shoot with this lady. You will definitely be happy with the results!" 


-Miss V

"As a newbie to the Pinup scene, I have admired Ava Dae Photography from afar for quite some time (Instagram and Facebook). Her work is spot on. Her vision is on point. The final outcome is nothing less than perfection. One of the many things that I have appreciated from this outsider perspective is her unedited photographs. To my eye and I am sure to many others as well, these are remarkable in that they are worthy of framing or posting online etcetera. The quality of that alone was one of the reasons I knew I had to book a shoot with her. That being said, I have three shoots booked and completed one this past weekend.

What can I say now that I have met the face behind the camera? Well for starters, Melissa is extremely nice and has a great sense of humor. I felt at ease and was completely comfortable with her. That is uber important as it eases nerves and allows for the best possible outcome. I would absolutley highly recommend Ava Dae Photography for your photo needs. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook as I did. You won't be disappointed. Then book that shoot!!! You will be so glad you did!"


-Jenny Jayne

"As a life long international recording artist, performer, and life style model, I have been blessed to work with professionals in nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry. Ava Dae Photography's enthusiasm, talent, energy, and style rival the skill set(s) of many of the most accomplished photographers, directors, and editors I've rubbed shoulders with worldwide! Ava Dae Photography offers a fun, upbeat, sincere, and reliable shooting environment for anyone from the beginner "model" doing a shoot "just for fun" or a special occasion, through to full time professionals in the pin up, alternative, cirque, rock music, dance, and even automotive industries. Ava Dae Photography's humanitarian and charity efforts were lauded again this year as a top sponsor for BreastCancer.Org's official "Save the Tassels" old fashioned vaudeville revue, hosted at aerial arts venue, "Studio Spin", where I also work. 


Versatile in her artistry, Ava Dae Photography can work in any medium! Her art ranges from the most classic, vintage styles, to ethereal, breath taking, and resplendent fantasy looks, to fun and clean bridal and family photography and graduation looks. Ava Dae Photography houses a little something for everyone; all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds! She is flexible, and located in a beyond stellar location with hand scouted shoot sites and sets available, every aspect of a client's sitting is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail with professional hair, makeup, and styling teams to ensure that your experience is pitch perfect. My management team and inner circle were exceedingly pleased with Ava Dae Photography's work, and we shall utilize her time and again for my various projects in the arts! Come check her out today! You won't be disappointed, daaaaarling!"


-With warm regards, Chrissy (recording artist/songwriter, dancer/performer, pin up model, and AFAA professional) 

As the resident hair and makeup artist at Devilbliss Studios, I have been privileged to work with the best of the best in the pinup community. I count Ava Dae Photography among that number. Melissa is consistently putting out some of the best hot rod photography in the business...exquisite cars, top notch sets and a great attention to deal. With stylist Claire Marie, she is bringing the total package to her clients. My shoot with Ava Dae was stellar! I was so pleased with my images...there were so many that needed so editing at all! Her pleasant demeanor will keep even first timers comfortable, while her shooting skills will make pros feel right at home! I recommend shooting her 100%


-Nicole Zedonek (Making Faces Professional-MUAH and Model 


I can't say enough positive things about my shoot with Ava Dae! Melissa and Claire were incredibly warm and friendly from the get-go, and even though I'm very much a novice, they treated me like I was a true star. During the shoot, Melissa was wonderfully encouraging and helped me feel relaxed and sexy - her positive attitude and playfulness was infectious! The photos came back quickly (and there were a LOT!), and her final edits look out of this world good, I can hardly believe it! I can't wait to shoot with Ava Dae again, they really made my sexy Vogue Italia Barbie fantasy come true!



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